Vitality on Itensity

Be a cut above the best with Itensity and Vitality

With Vitality Integration on Itensity, your business and members will have access to:

A sleek user journey individualised to your facility with Vitality

Up-to-date marketing content directly from Vitality

A simple scan of a QR code to earn Vitality points

Earning Vitality points at any facility when you are on Itensity

Members in outlying areas can now earn Vitality points through Vitality on Itensity


How to get Vitality on Itensity

If you own a fitness facility and want Vitality members to be able to earn Vitality points for their workouts at your facility, email and with the following details of your facility:

  1. Name of facility
  2. Category of facility
  3. Number of facilities and associated addresses
  4. Pictures of your facility