Front-facing business tools

Itensity's business tools to strengthen your customer experience

Member Maintenance

Our member maintenance portal streamlines the tracking and updating of member profiles straight from the PoS:

Set up rules and guidelines for staff to follow, including: ​

  • Standardised information capture
  • Including add-on products at capture
  • Manage guests and promotions
  • Member freezing or blocking
  • Payment history

Easily manage these and many more elements:

Member contact information 

  • Membership options & add-ons 
  • Guest access & promotions 
  • Linked accounts 
  • Membership freeze & block status 
  • Member Opt-in / Opt-out 
  • Lognotes & communication logs 
  • Payment history & banking details 
  • Body stats 

Point of Sale

PoS is no longer just for payments. Itensity’s integrated PoS system is your single point solution:  

Diversify revenue streams

Manage membership payments

Capture leads right at your front desk

Manage staff timesheets

Compliance & Validation

Minimise members defaulting on payments with Itensity’s compliance rules and validation processes:

ID scanning and validation

AVS (Netcash & Bitventure)

Bank account validation

Auto-verify qualifying members

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Add-on Products & Services

Take advantage of Itensity’s value-added extras via PoS. You will be able to:

Add once-off products like merch, custom training programmes, eating guides and much more

Streamline the joining fee management process

Replace lost or stolen access cards

Automate recurring add-ons for members