Itensity gym management software is the most comprehensive fitness software in South Africa.

Itensity is the best gym management software, built for everyone

Our comprehensive features are fully customizable. With us you get marketing, onboarding, member management, access control, debit orders, and collections.

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R452 822 424 Debit orders through Itensity

1.5mil+ members

560+ Clubs

Our full-service product is designed not only with a focus on member experience, but on efficiency for your business.

Bringing enterprise technology to studios, and studio functionality to enterprises


CrossFit ﹒Yoga ﹒Pilates ﹒Functional Fitness ﹒Boxing & Martial Arts ﹒Climbing Facilities


Boutique Gyms﹒Single Clubs ﹒Health and fitness clubs ﹒Individual gyms ﹒Rehab gym


Virgin Active ﹒Planet Fitness ﹒Moove ﹒Gym Company ﹒Zone Fitness

Integration partners

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Fitness management features to help your business perform at its best

Innovation doesn’t sleep, and neither do we. We are constantly developing and streamlining features, and by joining Itensity, you will strengthen your business’ traction with:

Sales, marketing & communication

Member experience & bookings

State-of-the-art front desk and access control systems

Cutting-edge business growth tools (front and back ends)

State of the art support

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Be a cut above the best with Itensity and Vitality

With Vitality Integration on Itensity, your business and members will have access to:

A sleek user journey individualised to your facility with Vitality

Up-to-date marketing content directly from Vitality

A simple scan of a QR code to earn Vitality points

Earning Vitality points at any facility when you are on Itensity

Members in outlying areas can now earn Vitality points through Vitality on Itensity


Teamwork makes the dream work

At Itensity, we are passionate about building dreams, building businesses, and building greatness.  

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