Generate leads, communicate with members and build your brand

Itensity is an integrated sales, marketing, and
communication platform for all your business needs

Digital Marketing

Itensity’s tailor-made and easily customiseable digital marketing tools are designed to supercharge your communications:

Enhance digital presence with custom landing pages

Create powerful marketing opportunities with Itensity's campaign creation tools

Generate customised automated mailers and SMSs

Lead Capture

Turn every communication and marketing campaign into lead capture opportunity:

Capture leads generated through digital campaigns and promotions

Seamlessly capture leads right at reception or with your sales team


Sales Pipeline Management

Sales and lead management made easy with Itensity:

Management can assign leads to specific team members

Easy-to-use tools for team to manage their leads


Create the hype and source new leads with exciting promotion opportunities:

Create custom membership options for new and existing promotions

Easily create new or update existing promotions for communications


Digital Signup

Digital Signup is a seamless full service signup process all in one place:

Complete registrations and sign contracts

Streamlined processeses eliminate post-sale admin


Online Join

Itensity’s Online Join is the smartest onboarding tool on the market, allowing your new members to:

Browse packages and membership options

Complete signup and sign contracts

Validate personal information with an OTP

Securely initiate and schedule monthly payments

Automated & Bulk Communication

Communicating with members and leads has never been easier:

Save time and money with tailor-made automated communications

Accurate and instant communication with your members through SMSs and email