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March 2024 in Stats – Itensity Gym Management

March 2024 in Stats – Itensity Gym Management

March 2024 marked yet another milestone for the fitness industry, and our gym management software, Itensity, proudly stands at the forefront of this progress.

With 577 clubs utilizing our platform, we’re empowering fitness entrepreneurs across Southern Africa to streamline their operations and amplify their impact. But numbers tell only part of the story. Behind the staggering statistic of 1.7 million members lies a community dedicated to wellness, growth, and transformation.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond mere figures. In March alone, our software facilitated debit orders totaling an impressive R453,738,094 underscoring the financial health of our clientele. These numbers aren’t just about transactions; they represent the trust and reliability that our customers place in Itensity.

Each swipe is a testament to the seamless experience we offer, enabling gym owners to focus on what truly matters: their members’ journey to health and vitality.

As we reflect on these achievements, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our valued customers.

You are the driving force behind every milestone we reach. Your unwavering support fuels our innovation and inspires us to continually enhance our services. Together, we’re not just shaping bodies; we’re transforming lives. Join us as we celebrate the power of community, dedication, and progress.

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