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All-in-one event registration & scoring software

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Event Management

Itensity Events is a cloud-based platform that empowers you to create any type of event quickly and easily. Any desired event can be created, from local weekly in-house tournaments (Saturday Throw downs) and year-end functions to annual large scale competitions

Setup Event Website

Event page creation with Itensity is a simple and quick 3 step process, after your itensity account is open, you just create your event, create the groups and payment options and setup the payment gateway, itís that simple

Online Registration

Online registration is quick and painless, offering a simple-to-use registration platform where clients can keep track of all their events.

Pricing and Payments

Customise the pricing according to each individual category.

Itensity is the first of its kind, linking your SAGEPAY account to the event Platform, enabling participants to pay via debit / credit cards and you receive the entry fees directly, eliminating waiting periods that mess up you cash flow.

Schedule, lane and heat management

Manage your schedule complete with heat and lane assignments as well as transition times etc.

Easily accessible and available to all participants from the main site or via your website. Members can also easily check their individual schedule by logging in. Schedule heats that only take a limited number of participants, or wave events where leaders progress.

Manage event scoring and online leader boards

The user friendly leader board is available online and accessible to all participants and the public.